How To Get Rid Of Mold

Mold grows anywhere it has a damp environment. While windows keep most moisture out of the house, their sills may have some dampness from condensation. If left untreated, you might find that you have moldy window casings. It’s not difficult to remove black mold from the window casings, but you do need to wear protective […]

How to Get Fingernail Polish Out of Carpet

Remove nail polish from your carpet! If you’ve just spilled nail polish on your carpet and are in a frenzy, don’t worry. Plenty of people have been in your shoes before. Your carpet, we’re happy to report, is salvageable, and we can help you remove nail polish from carpets. While your bright colored nail polish […]

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Tips for Leather Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance

Ah, what’s not to love about the leather upholstery? Whenever we want to design our dream home, leather upholstery is an easy option to make your place look stylish and modern. There’s a reason that every 5-star hotels and restaurants use leather furniture. To be honest, there is nothing better than the feel of leather […]