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Ah, what’s not to love about the leather upholstery?

Whenever we want to design our dream home, leather upholstery is an easy option to make your place look stylish and modern. There’s a reason that every 5-star hotels and restaurants use leather furniture. To be honest, there is nothing better than the feel of leather sofa and chairs.

Leather furniture is highly durable and requires low-maintenance. But how do we clean it?

Being a trusted domestic cleaning service in Melbourne, we understand that a clean and fresh home is important to boosting your living areas. And when you hire a professional, the task might seem easier but that’s not always in everyone’s budget.

So, there are awesome DIY tips that can save you money, and keep the furniture looking rich like always.

Read to find our what maintenance tips we have to help you out –

Vacuum the sofa, its inside sections, the middle partitions, and the spaces between seat cushions to completely remove the dirt, debris and spills. Note: Always use vacuum at the lowest setting and attach a softer brush which doesn’t harm or scratch the leather.
Keep dusting the furniture on regular basis to avoid long hassle of cleaning at once. Wipe it all down with dry clean cloth.
In case there is a grime, stain or a mark that has built up at a certain place, there are few best remedies to get rid of it –
For marker and ink stains, you can employ hairspray or eucalyptus oil.
The rigid stains of food, coffee, or wine needs a mix of lemon and cream of tartar. Scrub with a light toothbrush, and then wipe away with a moist cloth.
Deep and oily stains can be removed with baking soda. Wait a few hours after sprinkling the soda over the area and vacuum it up.
Every 6 months, apply an adequate amount of quality and suitable leather conditioner
Leather gets cracked or degraded when exposed to strong light and heat. So, to keep your upholstery safe, make sure it stays at least 2 feet away from direct sunlight and heat source at home.
Cover your furniture with plastic wrap, sheets, a cotton cloth or even a nice seat cover, if you have kids who can accidentally damage the leather piece or furniture.
Final Words

Regardless of the style and type, we need to follow tips to maintain the regular grace of leather furniture. Wrinkle, large scuffs and tears – all can be told goodbyes by few small measures. Only then you can put your investment of leather furniture in the best condition. Ultimately, when maintained correctly and consistently, leather furniture can last for a longer time.